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Radical Collaboration® Trainer Certification - EN

A 7 day live training

Learn how to teach a 3 day Radical Collaboration workshop and go on an unforgettable journey of personal and professional growth!

There is also a French RCTC!

This program is for you if ...

You have attended a 3, 4 or 5 day Radical Collaboration workshop and ...​​

  • ... you are a trainer, coach or consultant and want to become a certified Radical Collaboration trainer so you can teach leaders, teams and organisations how to create effective and meaningful collaborative environments;
  • ... OR you have no intention of becoming an RC trainer but want to deepen your experience of the 5 essential skills in collaboration to build and maintain strong (collaborative) relationships and resolve conflicts.

You are eager to grow professionally and personally, and want to ...

  • ... go in depth into the content of each session of the Radical Collaboration workshop and increase your professional expertise in creating successful collaborative environments;
  • ... AND also go on a personal transformational journey together with a small international group of like-minded people.

You are open to learn how to ...​​

  • ...  create a psychological safe environment with more trust, openness and accountability;
  • ... be more authentic without triggering the other;
  • ... deal more effectively with your own defensive and rigid behavioural patterns and that of others.

7 day Radical Collaboration®

Certification Training


July 14 (evening) - July 21 (afternoon), 2024

venue: in The Netherlands

Investment: 3600 € for the training

+ 987 €/735 € for full board in single/double room

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During the trainer certification program ... 

You get professional guidance ...

  • ... 7 days of personal guidance by Jim Tamm, the founder of RC, and Malou Laureys, international master trainer in RC, coach and therapist.
  • ... a deeper understanding of the theory and concepts behind the 3 day Radical Collaboration workshop;
  • ... time to practice teaching the RC concepts and exercises;
  • ... constructive feedback in a safe supportive environment;
  • ... an opportunity to explore your own defensive and rigid behaviours;
  • ... time to network with other RC professionals;
  • ... a detailed and complete trainer manual.

In a nurturing environment ... 

  • a beautiful venue near the sea with sauna, swimming pond in garden, etc.
  • surrounded by nature;
  • delicious vegan/veggy food;
  • comfortable rooms.

After completing the program ... 

You are a certified RC trainer and are allowed to ...​​

  • teach RC workshops worldwide;
  • order RC training materials in different languages;
  • advertise yourself as a certified RC trainer;
  • list your workshops on the official RC website events calendar.  

Join Our World Wide Tribe of Certified Radical Collaboration Trainers

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Your facilitators for this program

Jim Tamm

Jim is the co-creator of the Radical Collaboration program and co-author of the book "Radical Collaboration: Five Essential Skills To Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships".

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Malou Laureys

Malou is an international master trainer in Radical Collaboration, coach, therapist and creator of the Transformational Keys program. 


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Participants' experiences  ...