A Transformational Journey to

Well-Being & Fulfillment

Living, working & leading from the soul

Creating fulfillment in life and at work with heartful awareness, openness & conscious choice

Do you, as a facilitator (coach, therapist, trainer) or compassionate leader, see personal growth as a key priority to become more fulfilled and to create the change you want to see in the world?

Are you longing for having more ease & flow, depth & connection, freedom & flexibility in work and life?

Do you want to be more effective at facilitating deep change in the domains of personal growth, well-being, relationships, collaboration, or leadership?

Do you want useful tools to address inter-or intra-personal conflicts, defensive behaviors, outdated beliefs, and uncomfortable feelings in yourself and others?

Are you looking for ways to create environments with more openness, trust, and authenticity?

Do you sometimes ask yourself the questions "Who am I? Why am I here? Am I living my live fully?"

Hi I'm Malou Laureys

I'm passionate about personal growth and the dynamics of human interactions. By combining my background in engineering and management with my +20 years of experience in therapy, coaching and training I support individuals and groups in deep transformational processes in an effective and structured way.

I teach therapists, coaches, trainers, compassionate leaders and other personal growth adepts how to facilitate deep and lasting change within themselves and the people they work with.

I also support leaders and “soulpreneurs” in raising their level of consciousness and creating more positive and stimulating environments where there is openness, trust, psychological safety, self-accountability and constructive conflict-resolution.

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Ways To Grow ...

5 month

Transformational Keys® Online Course

Learning how to facilitate deep lasting change of patterns in yourself and others

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Transformational Keys® Membership

Committing to ongoing personal growth (only for TK alumni)

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7 day 

Transformational Keys® Retreat

Meeting in a powerful and uplifting way (only for TK alumni)

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1 year

Transformational Keys® Facilitator Training

Learning how to support others on their journey (only for TK alumni)

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3 day

Radical Collaboration® Live Training

Learning how to build longterm successful (work) relationships and collaborative environments

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7 day

Radical Collaboration® Trainer Certification Live Training

Becoming a Radical Collaboration® trainer (only for RC participants)

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34 week

Radical Collaboration® Daily Practice Online Course

Integrating the 5 essential skills for collaboration in daily life (only for RC participants)

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3 day

Individual Psychedelic Journey 

 Transforming deep wounds and connecting with Source (only for TK alumni)

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