a Transformational Journey to 


Living, working & leading from the soul

Creating fulfillment at work and in life

 with heartful awareness, openness & conscious choice

  • Do you, as a leader, coach or facilitator, see personal growth as a key priority to become more fulfilled and to create the change you want to see in the world?

  • Are you longing for having more ease & flow, depth & connection, freedom & flexibility in work and life

  • Do you want to be more effective at building successful long-term relationships and collaborative environments?

  • Do you want useful tools to deal with conflicts, defensive behaviors, negative beliefs and feelings in yourself and others? 

  • Are you open for profound change of unuseful behavioral patterns in yourself or the people you guide?

  • Are you looking for ways to create environments with more trust and authenticity?

  • Do you sometimes ask yourself the questions "Who am I? Am I living my live fully?"?



I am Malou, founder of A Transformational Journey, live in Belgium and work worldwide as a trainer, coach and therapist.

I get enormous joy out of inspiring people to become successful in a soulful way, creating meaning and fulfillment for themselves and the people around them.


Being on a lifelong journey myself, I started my career as a civil engineer and a managing director. After working for ten years in the corporate world, I had created what most people in our current culture would call a "successful" life and career, with a well-paid job, a nice house and a classy car. But after two stressful pregnancies and a divorce I was ready to look deeper and reconsider my definition of being "successful" and having "a good life".


In my search for fulfillment I immersed myself for many years in psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, coaching and eastern philosophy.  I enjoyed having my own practice at home, as a coach and therapist, combining it with a peaceful family life. 


The painful loss of my brother and of the father of my kids - two young, successful but not (yet) fulfilled men - urged me to reflect even deeper, and to listen to what Life really wanted for me.

As a result, today, I combine my experience with both the corporate world and the world of personal growth. I love to guide leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, trainers, coaches and facilitators on their journey to fulfillment, and to help them raise their consciousness and create successful and soulful environments.


I strongly believe that being effective as an individual, team or organization is a direct result of a strong focus on personal growth, authenticity, self-accountability, collaboration, meaning and purpose. 

Do you want to thrive in all aspects of your life? Do you want to be successful in a soulful and fulfilling way? Have a look at our upcoming trainings or individual programs and feel what is calling you. 

Are you interested in guiding others to create more meaning and fulfillment in their work and life? You are very welcome at our open workshops and advanced train-the-trainer programs.

For more details about my background, I invite you to have a look at my Linkedin profile. 

Feel free to contact me via mail, phone, social media or skype. I'm there to support you, your team or your oganisation in making a difference in the world.


with love, 


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Transforming unuseful behavioural, mental or emotional patterns in useful qualities

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