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Transformational Keys® Membership

The online program for TK alumni

Continue your journey of personal and spiritual growth with like-minded people 

This program is for you if ...

You have attended the Transformational Keys online program and ...

  • ... you want to deepen your application of the ENBA theory and the TK facilitation techniques;
  • ... you enjoy being part of a community of like minded people that speak the same language of the heart;
  • ... you know deep inside that your journey of personal and spiritual growth is an ongoing process.

You appreciate ongoing support to ...​​

  • ... explore and rewire more unwanted behavioural, cognitive, emotional patterns;
  • ... apply the TK techniques to yourself, your program buddies and/or your clients;
  • ... integrate theory and exercises in your daily life.

You want to deepen the connection with yourself, others and Source and ...​​

  • ... co-create and experience a psychologically safe group of people from all around the world;
  • ... welcome all parts in you and your buddies and offer each other transformational sessions using the TK techniques;
  • ... experience more and more unconditional love for yourself and others.

Let's support each other in expanding our consciousness.

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TK Membership Features & Investment

  • Monthly 3-hour live webinars on Sunday at 4 - 7 pm CET (Central European Time), with Q&A, demo's, and exercises. Dates for 2023: April 30, May 28, June 25, July 23, Aug 27, Sept 24, Okt 29, Nov 26, Dec 17, Jan 21 (2024)
  • Regular buddy meetings: each month you are paired with another buddy (chosen at random). You can choose your own frequency of buddy meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). You are also welcome to arrange extra buddy meetings with other members of the TK tribe via the community platform.  
  • Optional one-on-one sessions with Malou. These individual sessions depend on availability and are not included in the membership fee. 
  • Access to the TK online course platform with pre-recorded video's, exercises, demo's and resources.
  • Access to the private community platform for authentic sharing, support and connection.
  • Special launch price for TK membership in 2023: 85 €/month (excl. VAT). Get your first 4 months of TK membership for free by referring a friend or colleague to the upcoming TK online program that starts in April 2023. 
Yes, I want to join the TK tribe!

Together we can make a significant difference in the world.

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