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Transformational Keys® online program 

A 5 month online course

Learn a (r)evolutionary approach to personal growth, mental health and physical well-being and understand the foundations of facilitating deep change!

This program is for you if ...

You are a facilitator, therapist, coach,  trainer or soulful leader that is ...​​

  • ... familiar with different approaches in the domain of personal growth, psychological or physical wellbeing;
  • ... having good results with some of your clients, some of the time, but not all of the time;
  • ... passionate about human functioning, change and self-realization.

You are sometimes struggling with ...​​

  • ... finding the root cause of unwanted patterns (yours or those of your clients);
  • ... facilitating profound and long-lasting change in a consistent way;
  • ... addressing "challenging" clients with confidence;
  • ... deciding which tools to use when, and knowing why they are effective (or not).

You are open-minded, eager to learn and willing to ...​​

  • ... infuse more meaning and fulfilment into your life and learn how to see your outer world as a reflection of your inner world;
  • ... embrace the union of "spirituality & neuroscience" to become the change you want to see in the world;
  • ... explore a new paradigm that is the result of 20 years of experience and research on exploring an evolutionary neuro-bio-psycho-socio-logical order in complex human functioning. 😀

Transforming unconscious "surviving" patterns into conscious "thriving" capacities.

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My inspiration for this program comes from ...

  • A rich life, that has very generously offered me some challenges on my path, inviting me to go deeper inside and reflect on the questions: "who am I? why am I here?"
  • Decades of profound experiences with clients, using many different approaches and modalities:

    Naturopathy, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), Neuro-modulation Technique (NMT), Kinesiology, German New Medicine (GNM), Biologie Totale, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Journey, Ecoute Ton Corps, Voice Dialogue, The Human Element, Radical Collaboration, Coaching for Transformation, Systemic work, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Perceptual Control Theory, Coherence Therapy, Sky dancing tantra, Nia Dance, Yoga & Meditation, Lucid dreaming, mainstream approaches in Clinical Psychology (e.g. CBT, Psychodynamic therapies, ...), Experiential therapies, Psychedelic therapy, Life after Life workshop, Breathwork, etc..

  • My curiosity about a fundamental mechanism of change underlying all these different approaches.
  • Writing a thesis (Master in Clinical Psychology) on a unifying theory of human functioning and change, in which all the approaches come together in one coherent model.
  • In-sights, received during altered states of consciousness (e.g. the hypnopompic state between sleeping and waking), offering unexpected solutions for complex puzzles.
  • The combination of a civil engineers' left brain and a therapists' right brain, discovering order and structure in a holistic system.
  • A deep desire and an inexplicable force within me, that kept me going with this project, even when other parts of me wanted to give up!

During this life changing program you will learn ...

  • The Evolutionary Neuro-Biological Adaptation® (ENBA) theory, a theory of human functioning and change that I recently developed and that unifies many existing theories into one (evolutionary) logical model. This theory can be applied in the world of health, relationships, leadership, parenting, self-realisation, etc.​​
  • The root cause of unwanted behavioural, physical, emotional and mental patterns, based on an evolutionary logical deep connection between body, mind & spirit.
  • A neurological mechanism of fundamental change that underlies all effective therapy, coaching or facilitation.
  • The Transformational Keys® (TK) facilitation model: how to use 4 essential keys (connect, explore, rewire & create) to turn every challenge into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and to transform unwanted "surviving" patterns into "thriving" qualities. ​
  • How to put the qualities of unconditional love, radical self-responsibility into daily practice in all your relationships, at home and at work. ​

4 Essential keys for personal and spiritual growth


with yourself and others from higher consciousness

You are a spirit in a physical body that wants to awaken to its true nature. Set your intention, connect with all levels of your being and with another human being from higher consciousness.


all aspects of your issue

Discover with self-awareness and self-acceptance the emotional truth of your "survival patterns" and the underlying wounds, and take full self-responsibility for them. Your personality determines your personal reality.


your conditioned mind

Learn emotional self-regulation and self-nurturing to heal your wounds and to change on a deep neurological level the emotional learnings underlying your unwanted patterns.


the life you are meant to live

Develop the skills and healthy habits you need (self-aspiration, self-control, transformative listening and sharing, conflict resolution, self-care, appreciation, etc.) to support you in achieving your "thriving goals" and to tap into your full potential.

After completing the program with full commitment you will ...


  • Breakthrough experiences that result in deep and long-lasting change, in a more consistent way,
  • Safe psychological environments with more openness, trust, acceptance & accountability. ​
  • Impactful sessions with your clients, while fulfilling your unique mission in the world.
  • Meaning in your life and the people you work with.


  • Clarity about when to use what tools from your toolbox.
  • Confidence to navigate between behavioral, physical, emotional & mental issues of your clients
  • Ease and joy in your work, even with "challenging" clients

BE MORE ....​​

  • Connected to your true self, the people that matter to you and the world around you.
  • Healthy, successful, and fulfilled!

A Compilation of Participants' Experiences ...

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Curriculum of the program

  • Module 1: The bigger picture
  • Module 2: Purposeful behaviour
  • Module 3: Essential needs 
  • Module 4: Stress, emotions & learnings
  • Module 5: Transformational change
  • Module 6: Attachment & relationships
  • Module 7: Parts & polarities
  • Module 8: Higher consciousness, create & thrive
  • Module 9: Integration
  • Module 10: Celebration

Everything that happens now, is exactly what needs to happen on your path to self-realization!

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Program Features & Investment

  • 10 live 3-hour webinars, every 2 weeks, to cover one aspect of the ENBA theory and practice the TK facilitation model​​. The webinars for the next cohort in 2022 are planned on Saturdays at 4 pm CET (Central European Time): Aug 13 & 27, Sept 10 & 24, Okt 8 & 22, Nov 5 & 19, Dec 3 & 17.
  • Weekly 90 min buddy meetings to practice and share
  • 4 one-on-one sessions: 2 with TK facilitators (in training) and 2 with Malou
  • A course platform with pre-recorded video's, exercises and resources 
  • A private community platform for authentic sharing, support and connection
  • 10+ demo sessions with clients to witness the direct effect of the ENBA theory and TK facilitation model in practice
  • Cost of the program: 3400 €
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