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Radical Collaboration® 

3, 4 or 5 day live workshops 


This workshop is for you if ...

  • ... you are a trainer, coach, consultant, HR professional or empathic leader; 
  • ... you want to learn how to create more collaborative environments, with more openness, accountability, trust and constructive conflict resolution;
  • ... you want to become more skilled at building and maintaining successful long-term relationships (at work and in life)
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Ted talk by Jim Tamm, co-creator of radical collaboration ®

Building high-trust relationships & collaborative environments

What you can expect from the RC workshop

  • The  training is highly interactive and focused on skills that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration between individuals and within teams and organizations.
  • The skills are immediately useful and can be quickly implemented.
  • Because the training is interactive and the tools are very practical, the program is ideal for a wide range of settings and educational levels.
  • A variety of teaching methods are used to enhance your learning experience and to help you put it easily into practice after the training: case studies, simulations, lectures, visualisations, self-assessment instruments, group debriefs, small group discussions, feedback instruments, work on real-life conflicts.

Five Essential Skills

The workshop focuses on providing you with hands-on experiences to develop five essential skills for overcoming defensiveness and building successful relationships:

Collaborative Intention

Stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships.


Be open yourself and create a climate of openness where people feel safe enough to raise difficult issues. ​


Take responsibility for the choices you make and for the intended and unintended consequences of those choices. ​

Awareness of Self & Others

Commit to know yourself and others well enough to explore and resolve difficult interpersonal issues.

Problem Solving & Negotiating

Skillfully negotiate your way through inevitable conflicts in a way that supports rather than undermines the relationship.

5 day

Radical Collaboration® XL* training

April 7 (evening) - April 12 (afternoon), 2024

investment: 2000 euro for workshop

+ 705€/ 525€ for full board in single/double room

venue: (The Netherlands) 

*this 5 day RC training offers same the content as the standard 3 day RC training, but is spread over more days to combine it with a treat for mind, body and soul in a beautiful venue in nature. 

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Expected outcomes

  • Develop key leadership skills that are crucial for effective collaboration and trust building. ​
  • Know how to create psychological safety so people feel safe to raise difficult issues.
  • Overcome defensiveness and support others to reduce their defensiveness.
  • Acquire skills in negotiating, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Increase insights into personal preferences and styles, when collaborating and managing conflict.​
  • Have an opportunity to deal with a real and current collaboration challenge that you are having.

Your facilitators for this program

Jim Tamm

Jim is the co-creator of the Radical Collaboration program and co-author of the book "Radical Collaboration: Five Essential Skills To Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships".

Learn more about Jim

Malou Laureys

Malou is an international master trainer in Radical Collaboration, coach, therapist and creator of the Transformational Keys program. 


Learn more about Malou

Participants' Experiences

"The Radical Collaboration training gave me immediate applicable tools to recognize and deal with blocks to effective collaboration. What a benefit it is to be able to apply the conflict solving approach we learned, even if the other party is defensive or doesn’t know how to deal with conflict."

Sabrina Linders

"By improving my listening skills and becoming more aware of my own defensiveness, the Radical Collaboration training helped me to become much more effective in my work and private life.”

Dirk Dely
Operations Controller

"This training offered me very useful insights in how to deal in a constructive way with all kind of interpersonal conflicts in daily situations with colleagues, peers, suppliers, … and also in my private life. It is a real driver to boost the internal cooperation within your company!”

Hilde Plaetinck
HR Policy Expert

"This training has an ideal mix of theoretical concepts, practical examples, self-analysis and experimental exercises which makes the content very tangible and helped me to apply it immediately in a broad range of situations in both my work and my private life.”

Francis Duyck
Managing Director

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