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4 day

Transformational Keys¬ģ


"Explore and rewire a limiting pattern"


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This retreat is for you if ...

You have a strong interest in personal¬† growth¬†and you want to ...‚Äč‚Äč

  • address¬†limiting patterns or defence mechanisms on a deep neurological level, to create long lasting change and to thrive
  • experience¬†the neural mechanism of change, that all effective therapies have in common
  • be open and authentic in the presence of a safe group of like-minded people

You are open for the idea that ...

  • you¬†can't change¬†other people, you can only change yourself
  • your experience of¬†the outside world mirrors your inner world: every¬†outer conflict¬†reflects an unresolved inner conflict

Rewire your limiting patterns and thrive!

During the TK retreat you will ...

  • experience the impact of some¬†powerful tools of The Transformational Keys¬ģ (TK) facilitation model.
    The TK facilitation model¬†uses 4 keys (connect, explore, rewire & create) to turn every challenge into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and to transform unwanted "survival" patterns into "thriving" capacities and qualities. ‚Ä謆
  • explore¬†the emotional truth of¬†a limiting pattern¬†and¬†start rewiring it¬†
  • get the opportunity to rewire a limiting pattern on a deep neurological level, using some advanced TK tools, like the TK neuromap group process¬†

This retreat is also ideal in combination with the TK online program, starting sept 7th, 2024. 


4 day TK Retreat

Rewire your limiting patterns & Thrive

Aug 11 (4 pm) -  Aug 15 (2 pm), 2024

venue: (The Netherlands)

Training fee: 600‚ā¨ (incl. VAT) for individuals - 800‚ā¨ (excl. 21% VAT) for self-employed people & organisations¬†

Costs for food & lodging:¬†620 ‚ā¨/460 ‚ā¨ in single/double room (excl. VAT)


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Practical and Travel Info for your stay at Land Aan Zee

In a nurturing environment ... 

  • a¬†beautiful venue¬†with sauna, outdoor swimming pond, morning yoga, evening activities, etc.
  • a beautiful environment near the¬†sea with its beautiful sand dunes and protected forest
  • delicious vegan/veggy food, no alcohol;
  • comfortable single/double rooms.

Your facilitator 

Malou has a background in civil engineering, management, clinical psychology and 20+ years of experience as a therapist, coach and trainer. She is passionate about personal growth and the dynamics of human interactions.

She recently developed the Evolutionary Neuro-Biological Adaptation (ENBA) theory, the Transformational Keys (TK) facilitation model, that she teaches in the TK online program, to support facilitators (therapists, coaches, health professionals, HR professionals, empathic leaders) in facilitating lasting change of limiting patterns within themselves and the people they work with. The ENBA theory is a theory about human functioning and change that unifies many theories and approaches in the diverse world of psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. 

She is also a master trainer in the Radical Collaboration program, which is taught worldwide in open and in-house workshops, to create more collaborative environments at work. 

Her goal is to support individuals and groups in raising their level of consciousness,¬†addressing¬†limiting patterns and creating thriving environments with more open-hearted communication, trust, psychological safety, self-accountability and constructive conÔ¨āict-resolution, so they can live their full potential.¬†

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