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"4 Keys To Change a Limiting Pattern"

A pre-recorded 1,5 hour class 

Get a taste of how to unlock and rewire (and not just manage or suppress) a limiting pattern! 

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This class is for you if ... 

You are a facilitator (psychotherapist, coach, trainer, health professional, HR professional, compassionate leader, etc.) passionate about changing patterns and you want to ...

  • take a sneak peek at the ENBA theory, a unifying theory about human functioning and change
  • get a taste of the 4 Transformational Keys that unlock and rewire (and not just manage or supress)
    a defence mechanism or any other limiting behavioural, mental or emotional pattern
  • discover the emotional truth of a limiting pattern

Get a taste of how to unlock and rewire (and not just manage or suppress) limiting behavioural pattern!

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