I can not teach you anything,
I can only help you discover the truth within yourself

Deepening the connection with your self, the others and your environment

I give online sessions
in EN, NL & Fr

My approach

As you can read in the testimonials, I like to go deep and deal with the root cause of what blocks you on your unique path to self-fulfillment in your work and life.


I am present with my whole Being (thinking, feeling, sensing, intuiting) and am holding space for your transformational process using a variety of tools and techniques, combining  classical coaching tools and out-of-the-box therapy techniques.


In a gentle but profound way, we work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of your issues. 

Together we ...


  • ... articulate your unique life mission, identify your needs and values and set goals you feel passionate about

  • ... discover and deal with your personal and professional issues blocking your full potential

  • ... expand your awareness of your feelings, thoughts & behavior to help you make more conscious choices

  • ... transform unwanted patterns into desired qualities

  • .. acquire essential skills to build long-term successful relationships at work and at home

  • ... bring purpose and meaning in your work and life so you live your life fully

  • ... inspire you to be not only a human-doing but also a human-being

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi

Regina Martins

Agile Coach & Trainer

"Malou combined coaching and therapy seamlessly. Her approach of acknowledging and re-integrating all "parts" in me helped me dealing with the things that were holding me back from being the person I am meant to be.  I feel much more focused and confident!"

Jim Tamm

Key-note speaker,

co-creator of RC

"The coaching I received was "laser like". Malou has challenging me and encouraged me to work as deeply as I was ready to. It helped me to look at and deal with the real issues in my life rather than dancing around them."

Snehal Kundalkar

Senior Director of Engineering

"Malou's coaching started in a gentle fashion and then went deep down into areas of myself that I didn't know existed. Her coaching helped me explore and change my outdated beliefs in a non-judgmental environment where there was just love, empathy and understanding. The results were incredible and deeply satisfying."

Peter De Backer

Managing Director

"I felt Malou's passion and commitment in what she was doing. She put me at ease and created an open and safe environment that helped me to explore and discover the paths leading to solutions for my conflicts."