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Transformational Keys® Workshop

"From Conflict to Peace"


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This workshop is for you if ...

You have a strong interest in personal and spiritual growth and you want to ...​​

  • improve your relationships at home or at work
  • explore and rewire a defence mechanism on a deep neurological level
  • experience the neurological change mechanism that makes a therapy or coaching session effective

You are open for the idea that ...

  • every external conflict is a mirror for an inner conflict
  • you can't change other people, you can only change yourself
  • without inner peace outer peace is impossible

You are willing to ...​​

  • be authentic in the presence of a small group of like-minded people
  • experience the power of vulnerability in a psychological safe environment
  • explore the impact of open-hearted communication 

Rewire a defensive reaction into a peaceful response

During this TK workshop you will ...

  • experience the impact of some powerful tools of The Transformational Keys® (TK) facilitation model.
    The TK facilitation model uses 4 keys (connect, explore, rewire & create) to turn every challenge into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and to transform unwanted "survival" patterns into "thriving" capacities and qualities. ​
  • explore the emotional truth of one of your defensive pattens, that explains the necessity for having developed this pattern.
  • start rewiring your defensive pattern on a deep neurological level

 Transformational Keys® 

Workshop "From Conflict to Peace"

Date: Saturday Sept 2 & Sunday Sept 3  (9 am - 6 pm)

Participation fee: 250 euro (excl. food & lodging)

Location: Zink 62, 9820 Munte, Belgium

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Your facilitator for this workshop

Malou has a background in civil engineering, management, clinical psychology and 20+ years of experience as a therapist, coach and trainer.

She is passionate about personal growth and the dynamics of human interactions.

She supports individuals and teams in raising their level of consciousness and creating thriving environments with more openness, trust, psychological safety, self-accountability and constructive conflict-resolution.

She teaches facilitators (therapists, coaches, trainers, health professionals, HR professionals), compassionate leaders and other personal growth adepts how to facilitate deep and lasting change within themselves and the people they work with. 

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