Transformational Keys®
New 12 weeks online course!


Learn a (r)evolutionary approach

to personal growth, mental health and physical well-being

and understand the foundations of facilitating deep change! 

This course is for you if ...

  • you are a therapist, coach, trainer, compassionate leader or other human being, passionate about human functioning, change and self-realisation. 

  • you are aware of  different modalities for personal growth and psychological or physical well-being and are wondering if there is an underlying logical structure that unites them all.

  • you are looking for a more consistent way to facilitate deep change with the methods you currently know. 

  • you would like to feel more comfortable and at ease in dealing with some of your more "challenging" clients. 

  • you want to infuse life at home and at work with more meaning and fulfilment and learn how to see your outer world as a reflection of your inner world.

  • you are willing to embrace both ends of the spectrum, spirituality & neuroscientific insights, to become the change you want to see in the world.

  • you are open-minded and willing to explore a new paradigm that is the result of 20 years of experience and research from an empathic engineer & facilitator (coach, therapist, trainer) who is exploring an evolutionary neuro-bio-psycho-socio-logical order in human functioning. 😀

Transforming unconscious "surviving" patterns

into conscious "thriving" capacities. 

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During this life changing program ...

  • you learn a unifying theory of human functioning and change that explains in a logical way, the root cause of unwanted behavioral, physical, emotional and mental patterns.  

  • you learn how you can apply the Transformational Keys theory to a broad spectrum of applications in life and work: health, relationships, leadership, parenting, self-realization, etc.

  • you get a better grip on the body-mind-spirit connection, so you can easily navigate between behavioral, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a human being.

  • you discover the fundamental change mechanism that needs to be activated in order to make any facilitation effective and create long-lasting change.

  • you learn how to transform unwanted "surviving" patterns into "thriving" qualities.

  • you understand how to facilitate breakthrough experiences in a more consistent way, that will allow you to have maximum impact while fulfilling your mission in this world. 

  • you learn to practice unconditional love and self-responsibility in your relationships, at home and at work, and  how to create safe psychological environments with more openness and trust.

4 essential keys for personal and spiritual growth

During the course you also learn to put the Transformational Keys® theory about human functioning and change into practice using 4 essential keys that turn every challenge into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth: waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up. 



to your true nature

You are a spirit in a physical body that wants to awaken to its true nature of pure consciousness and unconditional love. Reconnect with all layers of your being, with self-awareness and self-acceptance.

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your wounds from the past 

Learn emotional self-regulation, heal your wounds and transform the emotional learnings underlying your unwanted patterns. 

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to be self-responsible

Your outer environment reflects your inner environment.  Discover, accept and take full self-responsibility for your"survival" patterns. 

Reach the Top


as the best version of yourself

Build your skills in self-regulation, communication, relationships and conflict resolution, so you can tap into your full potential. 

Participants's experiences 

about Malou's facilitation in earlier programs.. 

charlotte stryckman.jpeg

Charlotte Stryckman

Medical assistant

"There is a safe space for vulnerability and respect for each individual. This is the ideal workshop if you want to transcend yourself!”

dirk deveugle photo.jpeg

Dirk Deveugle

Partner at Art of People

" If you have the courage to dive into this program, to be open and to trust the process, miracles will happen!”

peter lankriet.jpg

Peter Lanckriet

Self-employed in nutritional supplements

" This was magic. I felt carried to dive into the process and got so much insights. Expect the unexpected!"

philippe Gazagne photo.jpeg

Philippe Gazage

Team & Leadership Coach

" This was the most decisive week of my life. It goes to the essential. The tools and experiences are truly transformational”

Virtual Team Meeting

Program features


  • weekly 2 hour live webinars (day and time to be announced)

  • weekly Q&A session 

  • access to course platform with exercises and learning video's

  • private community platform with Malou and other participants

  • 15 min daily practice 

  • weekly 30 min pod meetings with 2 buddies

  • maximum 12 participants per live webinar

Curriculum of the online Transformatonional Keys program


  • week 1: the bigger picture & aspects of change

  • week 2: purpose of behavior & levels of perception

  • week 3: essential needs & learned surviving goals

  • week 4: emotional regulation & mind-body connection 

  • week 5: memory & emotional learnings

  • week 6: higher levels of consciousness & thriving goals

  • week 7: inner conflict, distress, polarities

  • week 8: fundamental mechanism of change

  • week 9: integration

  • week 10: integration

  • week 11: integration

  • week 12: integration

Everything that happens now, is exactly what needs to happen on your path to self-realization!

Become a founding member and join he first TK online course 

starting in September 2021 at a special "launch price"!

Participants's experiences about earlier programs with Malou ...