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a taste of the 7 day intensive Transformational Keys workshop in Belgium

 Transformational keys® workshop


In this 7 day intensive workshop you will learn and experience important tools for transforming any unwanted behavioural, emotional or mental patterns that block you from living a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.


Examples of issues that participants have addressed in this workshop: unhelpful defense mechanisms, being too self-critical,  being too rational, being conflict-avoidant, lack of assertiveness, being too judgmental, not being able to say no, procrastination, etc.


Undesirable attitudes and beliefs can be addressed by using conscious choice and willpower. Although this can be a good start to improve the quality of your life and relationships, a continuous effort is needed to achieve the desired result. As soon as you get tired or stressed, your old habits resurface, because these old patterns are not gone, your brain only learned to use an alternative preferred pattern. With “transformational keys” you address your patterns on a more fundamental level so that the transformation is more permanent, and needs less continuous effort. Your desired attitudes, beliefs and behaviours become natural.

4 essential keys that allow you to transform undesirable behavioral, mental or emotional patterns into desirable qualities

4 keys 

Every challenge in life or at work is an opportunity for deep personal growth. The different exercises and concepts taught in this workshop will help you to:​

  • wake up to your true nature (pure consciousness) so you can easily access a state of inner peace at any given moment and tap into your full potential. 

  • grow up in the way you perceive and respond to reality, by increasing self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-accountability for your patterns

  • clean up unresolved emotional charge from the past, to address the root cause of your undesirable patterns and to welcome disowned parts of you. 

  • show up as the best version of yourself in different domains of your life, by integrating desirable qualities and becoming more whole again

outcomes reported by participants
  • transformation of undesirable patterns into desirable qualities

  • a deeper connection with yourself, your fellow human beings and the world around you

  • increased resilience and ability in dealing with the challenges that you deal with in life

  • access to your  inner wisdom and greater alignment to your goals, values and life purpose


Charlotte Stryckman

Medical assistant

"There is a safe space for vulnerability and respect for each individual. This is the ideal workshop if you want to transcend yourself!”

Dirk Deveugle

Partner at Art of People

" If you have the courage to dive into this program, to be open and to trust the process, miracles will happen!”

Peter Lanckriet

Self-employed in nutritional supplements

" This was magic. I felt carried to dive into the process and got so much insights. Expect the unexpected!"

Philippe Gazage

Team & Leadership Coach

" This was the most decisive week of my life. It goes to the essential. The tools and experiences are truly transformational”


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